Kristin and Lee

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jessica Simpson

So, if you were wondering about the validity of the Jessica Simpson rumors, let me take this opportunity to refute them! She is not fat. at all. She had on the cutest, most comfy looking little jumper at the concert in Biloxi and absolutely no cellulite to match. Now, let me just say this report is not bias. I'm actually not a Jessica fan. I went to the concert to appease my roomie. SHE on the other hand is OBSESSIVE! As space messages her, buys her shoes and handbags, has books (yes, there are some), and has three or four movies she is in (yes, there are more than Dukes of Hazard). The concert was in Biloxi so the boys were easily convinced that the trip was a good idea. We stayed at the Imperial Palace Casino and Resort. The concert was actually right in the hotel. The trip was so much fun! Since we are all 21 now, we did experiment with the nickel and dime dad will be disappointed :(. The concert was actually really good too! She played her new country songs as well as her older stuff. However, it was only an hour...and she took a break. Did I mention the tickets were $75 (and those were the lowest priced seats)?! Anyway, Ally's face alone was plenty for the money honestly, but I definitely enjoyed myself surprisingly more than I expected. Here's a little insight into the trip!


Dennis Smith said...

Nice post. Thanks for the update on your "activities." One thing...remember how they build those casinos...not on winners! Love you! Daddy

Megan said...

I'm so honored to have earned the nickname "pookie!" Now me and binky boo can be cool together!