Kristin and Lee

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, tomorrow's the day! Lee will take his first shot at the DAT. He is in Jackson staying with Russ and Megan tonight (even though they are probably going crazy getting their new floors). Everyone is trying to help any way they can to make this test less stressful. It starts at 8 in the morning and could last all day. I will be thinking about him ALL day, but unfortunately I will be at work...I know, we grow up so quickly! Anyway, it just seems like everything is starting to become a reality. It's really exciting...and scary! I know Lee will do great and he's been studying amidst all of his class work, but no matter how he does, it's just his first try and I'm so proud he is even going out for something so amazing! I tried to demonstrate my excitement and pride through a little happy basket for him..filled with strictly dental things that big boy dentists would like:

Just a little note to fit the occasion

"Follow your dreams!"

His happy box! SMILE!

He's still studying tonight and he feels pretty calm about the whole thing compared to how spastic I would be..guess that's why I'm not going that route in the first place! Well, everyone pray hard for him. This could be the start to a long process either way :)



Megan said... sweet! :) Lee is doing just fine here in the crazy house! Ha! We called it a night fairly early so he could get his beauty rest. Although we have no breakfast food for him, I think he will be okay. Russ showed him the Melaleuca bars so I'm sure he is ecstatic! Ha ha! Come see the new house soon!