Kristin and Lee

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanksgiving...early or late?

ALSO, today after work, I got to go get my work from Dandy Doodles! Last Saturday, Ally and I spent the ENTIRE day painting to try to relax and just enjoy ourselves before studying that's a trade off. Anyway, I decided to start working on our fall dinnerware. I made 1 serving piece and a 5 piece place setting to begin the collection. This is going to be an ongoing, fairly expensive project I might add. This was my trial run and definately didn't turn out so good. But I learned exactly what I need to do for the rest. Maybe this will be a backup?! ha. Anyway, I plan on making some adjustments, but I thought I would post the rough draft version now. Even my hobbies are starting to be old-married-lady-ish.

P.s. Don't get used to 2 blogs a day or anything. Just a fluke.

Pumpkin Serving Platter

Soup Bowl (3d leaf)

Acorn Dessert Plate

Salad Plate

Turkey Dinner Plate

Coffee Mug


Susan Smith said...

too cute!

Dennis Smith said...

Was going to say, "Too Cute!" but mother beat me to it. Good Job!