Kristin and Lee

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My roomie...

Well...Ally, my roommate and best friend, got engaged over Christmas.  She is actually a bridesmaid in my wedding!  Of course, she will be married and settled in before Lee and I even tie the knot!! I've gotten a little too used to this happening since we decided to wait TWO whole years! Anyway, it's giving me a little distraction to keep me from pouting now that she has asked me to be her maid of honor!! I'm so excited! I've already bought shower planning books and games and actually even purchased some invitations for one.  I know, I need a life. Trust me, I have plenty to do (with grad. school and my job) but nothing nearly as fun as this! The way she asked me is so cute:

A scrapbook coffee mug and card  

Her candlelight was great too! I chose not to have one since the idea is to surprise everyone and pretty much the whole world knew I was engaged by the time I got back to school! Therefore, Ally sort of shared hers. Ha. She even blew the candle out while I was still holding it. I also had the ring on MY finger...which meant my hands were pretty decorated that night! Our apt. has now turned into a wedding store house along with our usual "lazy/crazy house."

Our Chi Omega friends 
I feel quite sure Lee is so glad there is someone else to plan with so he doesn't have to PRETEND to care quite so much.


Dennis Smith said...

Ahhhh...Congratulations, Ally!