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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The past few months...

Brad Paisley Concert

Birthday Surprises

Freezing in the Mountains

Dixie Stampede

Sky Lift

So, until Christmas, I had no camera. Until last weekend, I had no computer.  As many of you can see....this makes for a pretty terrible blog. BUT, I now have both! Just a couple of the great things that have happened since my last post.  Christmas was great this year.  Lee and I celebrated all week! We even helped Ms. Rhonda decorate her house and wrapped gifts to put under her gigantic tree!  It was so homey :).  We spent a day on the lake with the Tulls, went to the candlelight service with both families, and Lee and Rhonda spent Christmas Eve with the Smith clan.  They did this last year but I swear it just gets crazier every year! I love our traditions and it's so fun getting to start sharing them with Lee.  Christmas Day was spent apart.  My family took off for Jackson, MS to visit my mom's side of the family while Lee spent the day with his mom's side of the family as well.  We've already been informed that we should start working this schedule out now if we want to enjoy our first Christmas in 2010! I got more than I even dreamed of receiving this year and I hope everyone else felt the same!
Next came New Year's, which we spent with my family in Gatlinburg.  Lee had never been, so this was so much fun to share with him! My family used to go every spring break for cheerleading competitions and continued for a while just for fun.  We visited the Pancake Pantry (which I regret to say I am too old for my favorite now - Bears in the Snow), the Apple Barn, and so many more great restaurants.  We also shopped and rode the sky lift! The trip was a great way to relax and have a little bit of adventure.  We rang in the new year watching fireworks and listening to a band from our hotel...What can i say? It had been a long day and just a little chili!!
We returned from the trip and went straight back to Starkville where we have been trying to get back into the hang of things.  I started work at the Dean's Office on January 7th.  I'm now in grad. school so it's a whole new world! Lee is taking classes here and at EMCC which makes for a busy schedule, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  We even celebrated my birthday among all the chaos! I was treated VERY nicely!  However, I did have to be at orientation for the MBA program the majority of the day- not quite as fun.  Lee and I are both 22 now and it's sort of hard to believe! Even my baby brother will be 21 this year! We should all pray pretty hard over that little fact :).   We're still planning the wedding and I'm beginning to think I really will need all this extra time we gave ourselves.  Lee has been trying to study for the DAT when he has time here and there, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that! I know he will do so well, but he is a little intimidated about taking it for the first time! 
Anyway, there is our life over the past few months in a very small nutshell! Hopefully, I will keep this thing going now that I have my resources.  Pray for us this last year at school.  We can definately tell it's about time to be done.


Megan said...

Yay for the new post!! So glad to see you still know how. :) Have a great week at school!

Dennis Smith said...

Awesome to see activity on your blog again! Helps me to keep up and feel like I'm still involved in your the extent you let me in through your entries. Work hard but find time to rest. Love you! Daddy