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Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Semester So Far

the crocodile

crocodile, Wendy, and John

Well, our first swap of the year was last week! The theme was Never, Neverland and we went as the crocodile, Wendy, and John (the older of the two brothers). The party was SO much fun! We loved having Dustin around this time. Of course I made the boys wear these somewhat over-the-top costumes after I worked so hard on them! They ended up actually getting excited about it like I knew they would. School is already driving Lee and I crazy! We've had our first few tests and papers and it seems like there is never enough time for rest around here. In our "spare time" we even help Dustin take quizzes...

Football season is in progress now and I love it! No matter how bad everyone else says we may be playing, I still feel like if I cheer and RING loud enough, it makes ALL the difference! (hence my sore arms and hands today!) I know the game wasn't as good as it absolutely could have been, but I must say our defense did a great job (on getting our points)! I still love the dawgs and can't wait for our next home game...which seems forever away. Megan and Russ actually stayed all weekend for this game and joined us for Bulldog Bash! It was so fun and we had the best seats. Gavin Degraw and the Grove played so it was definately worth being there from 3 pm to 1am! It was a fun weekend!

tailgating (pre-Lee)

tailgating (with Lee)

Bulldog Bash


Russ and Megan said...

Yay for Bulldog Bash!! And good job on those costumes - you didn't mention those when you talked about the swap!

Dennis Smith said...

Thanks for the update. Costumes look great! Oh...Check's in the mail for your hew job! Ha!

Love you,

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