Kristin and Lee

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Long Awaited Update

Well, it's been a crazy month!! Rush went great for Chi O, and I'm really excited about our new girls. It's just a little hard to believe it was my last year to do it. Classes resumed for MSU, and I must say it is VERY different having my little brother next door and in the same buildings for class! It definately takes a little of the homesick sting away. Lee turned 22 this month also!! We had an awesome cookout with friends Wednesday night and we ate the biggest filets any of us had ever seen....well, with the exception of Kyle Holcombe and his peanut butter and jelly sandwich from home. Can you tell he is now on the Starkville budget?! Lee and I have been so busy getting into the swing of things and trying to get off to a great start with classes that we haven't even had time to update you all! I can tell this last year as undergrads here is going to be our best yet and I'm SO excited about football season starting today! GO DAWGS!
Lee is spending this weekend with Ms. Rhonda in Jackson, and I brought Ally (my roomie) home to Corinth with me. We were planning on being at the beach, but I'm sure you can see that wasn't going to happen this week! We shopped around today in Corinth and we're planning a road trip to Jackson tomorrow after church to participate in the Macy's Labor Day Sale!! Yes, we just got our allowances for the month, and we might be having some of those peanut butter sandwiches by the 2nd week. Anyway, this holiday weekend has started off wonderfully and the weather here was beautiful today. I'm going to go watch the game with the family now!


Dennis Smith said...

Personally, I'm kinda glad the storm drove you home. Miss you! Love you, Daddy