Kristin and Lee

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...On St. Patty's Day??

Well, it's spring break! BUT....I've been sentenced to work for the first two and a half days of the break. It hasn't been busy, so that's a plus...then again, I do work at a school which revolves around students and they tend not to hang around when school is out :) Anyway, I had a nice surprise from Emily and Charli yesterday! They stopped by on their way to Hattiesburg (their first stop on their actual trip to the beach). I was soo jealous and still am, but Emily brought me presents to ease the despair. We haven't had a chance to get together since my birthday..IN JANUARY, so she brought me the cutest stuff. The bulldog and dish are from Mustard Seed Pottery, my FAVORITE! Down syndrome victims paint the pottery and proceeds go to research and care for them and others like them. You get to help out AND have something really cute to display. The other gift was a necessity of sorts...Emily remembered me saying I had used my entire sketch pad in my wedding planner and had been at a stand-still since. She fixed my problem by bringing me such a cute notepad with my initial on it! As soon as they left the office, I started planning and didn't stop! Obviously I should have gotten a notepad a long time ago! 

As for today, they let me leave at 3:30 so that was exciting! Oh, and we got free MSU ice cream because there is a convention going on. Anyone think my break has started a little minimal since I'm so excited about things like this?! Tomorrow, I only work until 10. When I get off, Lee and I plan to either go to Corinth or Tupelo to meet his mom and hopefully get him a good haircut! After that, we will pack for our short spring break trip to Atlanta. Ally, Brad, Lee, and I are leaving for Atlanta at 7 A.M. and staying for 3 nights! I'll let you all know how that goes and how much fun we hopefully have! Until then, everyone have a great and safe spring break!


Megan said...

Cute! What's in Atlanta?

Dennis Smith said...

Cute dawg! Love ya'!

Susan Smith said...

I tried to send pictures to your phone, but, of course, it was dead. I wanted you to see how I spent your spring break. You will have to be in suspense, but I will tell you it involved yard work for an upcoming wedding and a fall out the back door. It resulted in a swollen ankle and some pain. Yes, I laughed also. Dustin, Yaya Teri, Joe and Jordan helped. Dustin even cleaned out the tree house. Thinking of all the fun you were having helped keep us motivated!!

Susan Smith said...

Oh yeah, Dude helped by peeing on each pile of leaves as I raked!