Kristin and Lee

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Well...since I don't have time to blog EVER, I thought I might at least have time to put a little listening pleasure in here for you...since MJ died yesterday. This is NOT to say that I was a supporter, but the man knew music! Have fun listening and I promise to update soon...whatever that means :) Don't forget to turn off the playlist to the left!


Megan said...

Very nice! My favorite though is "Smooth Criminal." That is the infamous song that led me skipping in circles in fourth grade when I forgot the dance at talent show tryouts. During an MJ tribute on ABC last night, I reenacted the whole terrible shenanigan for Russ.

Dennis said...

OMG! An entry on Kristin's blog! OMG! Just kidding. Keep hitting the books. Will soon be over. Love you, Daddy