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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Engaged....Still!

Saturday, October 17, 2009 marked the official start of Lee and my wedding season I guess! What was it? The most perfect engagement party ever! Rhonda and Fred, Lee's parents, planned and threw us an engagement party to REMIND everyone we are STILL engaged. ha! Apparently, you aren't supposed to announce it until about this time...I guess so everyone believes it will actually happen. Well, it's happening! The party had an elegant fall feel to it and it was very fitting, considering it was FREEZING and the party was outside. But, if you made it to the tent, you found that the temperature increased a good 20 degrees due to the huge heaters and the firepit Ms. Rhonda placed in the middle of the beautiful backyard patio. Anyway, I decided to use this opportunity to not only announce our engagement but also to "comeback" to the blogging world and show everyone I can stay committed....I hope! (In my defense, Lee and I have been insane trying to get a master's and a bachelor's and get started on all that scary future stuff!)
So, I know all you are really interested in are the photos, so let's get started on that! We will start with the pictures taken early during the day...before the party arrived! The rest will have to wait until tomorrow. I will then post the socializing and eating portion of the evening for you to view. If I am going to keep this blog updated, I can't give you everything at once. I must savor the photos I have and disperse them over the longest period of time possible. I promise not to make you suffer too much, though! Note: the photography was done by the one, the only, Megan Johnson...and I wouldn't be surprised if the woman booked some weddings after this party.

Premier Catering putting the 'starting' touches on the table outside

The cutest caramel apple favors!

The tables set for dining and socializing

The beautiful tent and dining area (in the light of day)

This is an early shot of the front door (notice the K and L)

Needless to say: the day before and the day of the party were spent with Ms. Rhonda and Mimi, Lee's grandmother, running around putting the finishing touches on preparations, Emily and I wrapping and labeling favors, and Lee and the boys carrying the heavy stuff and making sure the electronics worked. However, Lee and I did not do much at all to help, which made me feel bad, but Rhonda just wouldn't have it! Lee was able to watch some football and I, of course, did some Christmas shopping...and some Halloween shopping too (on accident). I found the cutest things for my nephew, Farley at Just Dogs and decided to spoil him! The weekend was so relaxing and Lee and I were pampered as always! The Tull's always take care of us when we see them! This was definitely no exception. Thank you so much Ms. Rhonda and Mr. Fred! The party was amazing!!


Megan said...

So glad not to see the Micheal Jackson post anymore when I pull up your blog! Ha! We certainly need these posts coming up on your fb so lots of people will find your blog and read it!