Kristin and Lee

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Engagement Party Continued

As promised, I have posted SOME of the 280 something pictures taken the other night! I tried to give a little bit of every aspect of the party, but I feel quite certain I left plenty out. This post will be pretty much pictures and captions only, since I have already raved about the magnificent party in my previous post. Again, THANK YOU, Mr. Fred, Ms. Rhonda, and everyone that came and made last weekend so special for Lee and I. We appreciate everything and can't wait to have more get-together's in the future! Enjoy the picture show below:

Two of my many brothers (mucho stinky and tat)

Some afterglow family conversation...the beautiful Vanderford women

He was a fan of the caramel apple favors!

They spoil him to death...and he loves them so much!

The Pickwick crew...that's about all I can say

My two oldest and best friends still love me

some of the groomsmen and ushers

some of the bridesmaids

ALL the guests that go to Southern Miss.

the rebs

Go Dawgs!!

C-town! 05!

Yaya's minus Vicki and Natalie

just me and my adopted brother...yes sherra, I'll watch over him..

one of our many families (The Stocktons)

her grandbabies, new and old

my soon-to-be family (The Tulls)


after my Daddy's toast (with Sprite)

Hey Megan!

you would think we were happy! :)

the whole crew (Tulls and Smiths)

Lee and I with my parents...

and with his parents...

a few of our favorite people

I love my Maw Maw

Lee and Grandmother

Lee and Grandfather

my favorite person to eat with (Ally)

my cousin Clancy and her new fiance!!

Thanks again for the best weekend of our engagement so far! It was so much more than expected and will be in the newest scrapbook very soon! I will have to display those somewhere too since my first two were such a hit at the party, considering they ended up inside on the couches for viewing within the first hour! Until the next post (which should be very soon)...