Kristin and Lee

Thursday, December 1, 2011

OUR first day of Christmas..

Some of you are thinking "Oh, no she didn't...there are only 12 days of Christmas!" That's O.K, Santa was obviously thinking the same thing in my above photo. Well, let me just tell you that "Yes, I did." Why can't Christmas last 25 days?! I mean, granted, it's nothing compared to the 55 days of Christmas that retailers get by putting Christmas out before Halloween candy goes on sale, but I'll take what I can get. Now that we've gone over that and everyone understands we will be blogging based on the above notion, let me just tell you about my first day of Christmas! First thing, I got out of bed (I know, shocker!) and took my mom the cake she had donated to my meal for Lee's dad. It was divine but after our large portioned meal, we could only finish 2 pieces between the four of us. She, on the other hand, can use this cake to feed the masses tomorrow night at the First Baptist staff dinner. I also sneaked in a small plate of homemade goodies just for my number 1 fan :) After that, I rearranged some decorations she had put out without me there (that's a no-no when you ask me to decorate...different eyes mean different styles which means things will not mesh well's all about cohesiveness, people). Then, my dad came by to pick me up (after first trying to pick me up at my own misunderstanding if you can imagine that in my family) to go to Jackson, TN where we were to get garland. Just garland. Flocked, pre-lit garland I had requested if I were to finish decorating their home for the holidays. We called ahead and asked Trees n Trends to hold the 4 strands of garland for a quick pick-up... Oh, but you see this store was heavenly...they had flocked wreaths to match...not only one for the door, but for all four of the front windows. "You can't just get one flocked wreath, Daddy, they should all match..." Well, unlike some men, he did agree (although he might have rethought at the register) and we decided to get 5 wreaths and 4 strands of the garland we came for. Well, the ribbon from last year just would not do next to these fluffy clouds of greenery! Daddy knowingly asked if we were done or we needed something else "now that we're committed." I sighed and probably mumbled the words "Hobby Lobby." Everyone dreads the name it seems except me. In fact, my eyes light up just by typing the words. Well, they let me down in the Christmas 50% ribbon section BUT I didn't let that stop the venture. We found exactly what we needed in the wedding and floral section...(not 50% off but at Hobby Lobby's everyday low prices ;) ). To make a long trip short, we ended up leaving this store with 3 ornaments for the door wreath and 5 rolls of ribbon in order to accomplish my task. Next was a trip to TGIFriday's for a quick lunch. After all, this trip was supposed to be fast and we were only going because it was on the way to visit a sweet church member with Alzheimer's who is in a nursing facility there. The lunch was great and so was Daddy's visit with Ms. Nelson. Afterward, my sister and I were on the phone discussing Christmas cards and how many I could afford. Let's just say my initial number was 10! That doesn't even cover our family in case you were wondering! She was arguing in her sisterly concerned voice when Daddy piped up and said "How much are these things anyway?!" I told him and I could swear he almost snickered that I couldn't afford them...especially after the new house, couch set, and furniture I had been stocking up on. Well, he decided 30 cards would be his payment for my doing the decorations...I'll take it! The cards are so cute and so US! Don't be offended if you don't get one please because like I said, we got 30...still only family and maybe a former roommate or two will see our first cards! BUT Megan and I have our plan for next year, so just hold a spot for our card in 2012. Next, it was back to Corinth where Daddy dropped me off at home and I finished the outside decorations while touching up some of the inside arrangements. He was off to Memphis to visit another church member in the hospital...Yes, you heard right. The man took me to TN with him, brought me back to MS, then returned to TN. He loves me...and these church members! Now, I am back in my warm new nest while Lee is putting the last bit of lights on our tree. We are patiently waiting on Daddy to return from Memphis around 7:30 and take us to Pizza Inn so we can support a local group sending disabled children to Disney World! So fun and such a blessing that we can be a part of that! If you're reading this in Corinth tonight, the fundraiser ends at 8 tonight so run on over and grab a pizza for tonight or save it for lunch tomorrow! Anyway, that was my first day of Christmas...exciting, busy, cold, and so special for the time spent with family. What did you do on this first day of Christmas?! I'll leave you with some pictures while you ponder...

Front door wreath

Horrible phone picture of the overall look without the porch lights even on..

Front steps

...and again..

Daddy's job is to hang these tomorrow :)