Kristin and Lee

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the FOURTH day of Christmas...

On the FOURTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, we relaxed and enjoyed some more holiday preparation! My day began by emptying the dishwasher from all of the mess I made yesterday (I know, we missed church this morning! BUT we will do better next Sunday ;) ). Soon enough, Rhonda and Lee were awake, and Rhonda made herself some coffee (I know, I was an awful hostess). While she was searching my cabinets for sweetener, she found an EMPTY set of cabinets... 3 of them! We were both shocked. I quickly fixed that, however, because I had been upset at the fact that my winter dishes were hidden away in the utility room over the microwave anyway. Perfect cabinet space for them right above the matching cookie jar and mugs:

Meanwhile, Lee headed outside early to finish up his shop and show us how proud he was of "his space" by hanging a Mississippi State flag by the door. Can you find it?! ha. It's so tiny and cute and perfect for his storage shed. He was pretty excited about the whole idea!

After "Oooing" and "Aaahing," I headed back inside for minor touches. I set the tables with my red and khaki dinner napkins and adorned them with my favorite Christmas touch - the Santa napkin rings Mawmaw hand painted for each of us to have one day! They are adorable and special for so many is a sideways look at why I'm in love with them:

Next on our list was to hang our OWL "Happy Holidays" that Daddy gave me 2 years ago that I absolutely had a fit over! We found the perfect spot and I swear this thing was made specifically for this house. Love it!

Once I completed some little tasks for the house, Rhonda asked if I would mind making several bows for wreaths and her mailbox. Of course, I happily did so (but she will have to attach them to the actual wreaths since they are REAL wreaths and I'm highly allergic). Next, she pulled out this cute little guy. This snowman is 25 years old this year (same as Lee). Rhonda's grandmother and grandfather bought her this snowman for Lee's first Christmas and she had it in their yard just a few houses down from where Lee and I live now! SMALL WORLD! Anyway, we got a little sentimental talking about how special he was and how Rhonda wanted to get him a "facelift" for his birthday! Well, she came to the right place because I was happy to oblige (partly because I love to paint and mostly because I love her and Lee and how special it was to them). Here is the finished product! Sorry I didn't take a "before" photo but I guess you can imagine if it was made in '86 that it had some minor wear and tear.

After finishing her Christmas projects, Rhonda whipped the vacuum up to clean up our mess before I could even stop her. Then she treated us to a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch of pizza while I made some classic rotel dip to go with it! Meanwhile, Lee utilized our free trial of Sunday NFL Ticket to get us the Vikings and Broncos on DirectTV...nice and relaxing football and pizza (little did I know my baby brother was stuck watching the game via iPhone updates...he should come stay more often):

Tebow played an awesome game btw...

After watching the game, listening to Lee snore (oops. I mean breathe), and a few phone conversations with missing family members, I decided to paint my nails for Christmas with a red glittery polish Santa had stuffed in my stocking a couple years ago! He obviously shops with Melaleuca too :)

Maybe I shouldn't have posted this picture, because it seems my feet ran everyone out of the room today. Rhonda was packing her things and headed for the car and Lee had left the room to take care of things in the back of the house. HA! Oh well, I think I did a great job considering I can't afford any of these nice spa pedicures I keep seeing people post about on facebook!

Rhonda took some last minute photos of our outside lights and Christmas decor (presumably to send to Sissy, her sister) and was off to Jackson again. Lee and I will be having spaghetti for dinner and I'm actually pretty pumped about it. Quick and easy and delicious it will be. I'm thinking I shall also end the weekend with a Christmas movie...just need to decide which one it will be (probably depends on whether I will be watching alone or with the hubs). Well, there you have it! Our 4th day of Christmas has almost come and gone...what will happen tomorrow?!