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Friday, December 2, 2011

On the 2nd day of Christmas...

...On the second day of Christmas, this is what I did...
First thing this Friday morning, I woke up and made myself presentable for the first time since I started decorating my parents' house (and let me tell you, I look different when I dress Mama says "It's one extreme or the other with you"). I headed to the Smith house to finish up some things. I went to Ginger's to get two swags for the garage door (yes, we forgot those in all the bustle the other day). Found the perfect pair made by Jenny Cameron and took them home to make a few minor adjustments to match the wreaths. Daddy and I hung them and I tied wire to the back of the other four wreaths so that he could hang them today and finish up the outside before the party tonight. Then, Mama and Daddy treated Lee and I to Mike's for lunch (our usual date). From there, I ran by to pick up Mawmaw and deliver her to Vi's Fashions where she gets her hair done religiously! Afterward, it was off to Belk and WalMart for some last minute Christmas shopping since my Melaleuca check came in ;). I racked up on some great sales and great items for family and was so proud when I showed Lee SOME of my finds for the day! I then returned to the parents' to deliver some hooks for the back of the house..let's not even talk about the fact that I forgot them on my first trip to WalMart and had to turn around. Daddy decided to use the old wreaths from the front of the house on the doors and window out back! Then it was back to my nest to see the hubs. He was cleaning out our storage unit and restocking the shelves in an organized fashion. After he finished that and replaced a couple of lights that had gone out in our yard, we headed to WalMart AGAIN! This time, to get groceries and supplies for my baking fest I will be having tomorrow. Let's just say you will get a sugar high if you come within 10 miles of my house tomorrow...just a head's up.

small visual...yes, you see eggnog, buttermilk, and lots of chocolate :)

Post-shopping, we decided to drop the cold items back by the house and head to The Green Mango for some Thai food I have been craving lately. Had a great meal and are now back in our snug home with the Christmas lights plugged in and Criminal Minds on the TV! It's Friday night and the second day of Christmas at the Tull house! Tomorrow is a new day...and it's SATURDAY!


Megan said...

I'm jealous that you ate at Green Mango without me. Also, hoping some of the baked goods are for me and calorie friendly. :)