Kristin and Lee

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the SEVENTH day of Christmas...

That's right, I skipped a few days of Christmas this week! What a let down, huh? WELL, I think Lee's having the flu, mono, and possibly salmonella at once (we are just waiting on lab work for the last certainty) was definitely a "let down" as well. That would be the reason we haven't been blogging. Lee has been busy running from bathroom to couch to bathroom to bed, etc. I have been busy chasing him with medication and a thermometer...and the occasional garbage can just in case! I've washed the sheets and blankets everyday and sprayed down every inch of furniture with Solumel and Soluguard and I've been popping those Activate pills like crazy to boost my immune system! We have not had a full night's sleep since Sunday and, let me tell ya, we look rough! When we went to the doctor, the nurse said "Umm...which one gets the shot?" OUCH! ha. Monday was the first doctor's visit and Lee found out he had mono and flu. Well, the women in his life stepped up as always...

Sissy brought over 2 types of juice, 2 types of sprite, 2 types of crackers, and 3 boxes of over-the-counter meds

I decided it was time for some blankets fresh from the dryer and some Christmas movies with the Christmas lights plugged in during the day. This was our first set...of course, it was mainly Lee trying to rest/sleep and me making sure he didn't get worse. Nonetheless, the Santa Clause series is one of my favorites.

The next day (Tuesday) was pretty much spent the same way. Daddy took me to pick up lunch and dinner (soup for Lee of course) and that was SO appreciated since nothing we have to cook is very light and soothing...oops. This morning (Wednesday), Lee woke up (for the 10th time I believe during the night) and had a fever again (101.1 to be exact). I called Russ for a doctor's opinion and then we called the doctor he visited Monday. He had us return around 9:00 for more tests and discovered Lee may very well have been exposed to salmonella from the Mexican restaurant...we will see. The PLUS for this morning was the snow! The flakes were huge and beautiful! Nevermind that it is already melted :(

So, that has been our last few days of Christmas. Hopefully, after the THREE bags of fluids Dr. Tucker ran to rehydrate Lee, we will be better tomorrow and will have a much better EIGHTH day of Christmas! Until then, pray for "baby lee" as his mom and Sissy call him!

"Do NOT take my picture, Kristin..."