Kristin and Lee

Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter Wonderland

As you may have seen through my playlist, Marley's bachelorette party, and the gift registration...I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit this year! While this year will be my last Christmas as a Smith, it is also mine and Lee's last Christmas to have different last names! It's so exciting! Don't worry, we still intend to participate in ALL our family traditions next Christmas. So, to ease into our OWN Christmas traditions, we made some teacake cookies last night. I even let Lee pick out the shapes and ice a few! ha. He's a natural! I played my blog music and we went to town on the cookies and finishing up some decorations. I just thought I would share some pictures of our last Christmas preparations in a Starkville apartment! I'm not going to show any pictures of his, though, because believe it or not he didn't decorate his apartment?! Boys will be boys, right?!

My front patio!

My kitchen table

Close-up of my last girlie Christmas tree

My tree and the few presents I have so far

One of the finished cookie platters

Work in progress...

He's learning fast!

My favorite decoration (Owl Happy Holidays)

My patio door

The bar

My front/only entrance