Kristin and Lee

Monday, December 7, 2009

Marley and Landon Ashe

Well this weekend was filled with FUN wedding festivities for Lee and I. Marley Whitaker, a great friend, and Landon Ashe were married Saturday, May 5! This date actually marked the 6 month milestone from Lee and my date! We were pretty excited how that worked out. Anyway, I left my camera at home so I don't have any pictures except some I stole from some friends of the reception. To give you a visual though, the wedding was a beautiful Christmas wonderland. There were live Christmas trees and plenty of lights. Even the bouquets were Christmas greenery and single white roses. The company was great too - what a fun wedding party! Lee and I attended the rehearsal dinner at Landon's mom's house. The house was also decorated for the season with cute bride and groom add-ins. We had bar-b-que and the fixin's. Afterwards, the girls and Lee and other boyfriends/fiances/husbands headed back to our newlywed friends' house (Mary Anne and Chris) for talking, laughter, and lots of fun for Marley's last night. The groomsmen and Landon did their own thing too! The next day was the wedding and everything went perfectly for Marley! The reception was at Shiloh Ridge and we had a ton of good "Marley food." She knows her food! Then, we had a GREAT band and plenty of dancing until the day was officially over at 12:00. The weekend was a great way to celebrate and get some more practice for our big day! I came straight home last night and took notes on certain pictures I want after seeing Marley's and certain things that should be emphasized during rehearsal! LeeAnn Dodd was her director by the way, and did a great job! It was her first run at doing that job! Here are just a few pictures of the reception so you can see the happiness of the weekend!

The father/daughter dance to "My Girl"!

The first dance

Lindsey Dodd caught the bouquet!

And Chris Bush caught the garter!

Thank you Marley and Landon for including us in your wonderful wedding festivities! Congratulations and Best Wishes!