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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wedding Plans In Motion

Well, as I told you in my last post, I made a trip to Corinth this weekend. The trip consisted of registering for wedding gifts, going to Marley's bachelorette party, etc. Why did I register so early?? Well of course so my parents and grandparents could get a head start on my collections! ha. But really, I was completely oblivious to the fact that Christmas things won't be out when I get married in JUNE?! Makes sense though, huh?! The day was actually really fun. I just walked around the stores and picked what I wanted for Lee and my house/apartment and signed up for it. Of course, everything is still a surprise by the time you get it because you never really know what things will be picked up and which ones won't! Kind of exciting I think. The day started with a trip to Kates and Co. We then went to Ann's to register and back downtown to Ginger's on Waldron, Waldron Street Market, and The Sanctuary. I love that in Corinth you know everyone working EVERYWHERE so they get almost as excited as you about the event and are so appreciative of you registering in their stores. Once we finished up in Corinth, we ate at our everyday restaurant (Mike's Cafe) and I finally went to Velva for a much needed pickup! Then, it was off to Tupelo to Belk. Why didn't we just go to the Corinth Belk?? Well, the Tupelo Belk has a scanner gun you get to carry I knew Lee would be on board to join me for that one. Also, do you think I could have convinced my dad to make a trip to the Corinth Belk? NO! But could I convince him that the trip to Tupelo and back would be quality time with me, Lee, and Mama? OF COURSE! So we all went...Lee and Daddy picked out some exciting things...
some wouldn't even scan (because they were not exactly fit for a wedding registry I'm sure...electronics and such). Then, it was back to Corinth where we all passed out from the busy day!
Here's a few of the fun places we registered today. I think Mama bought a Christmas gift for someone at each place as well since they had everything looking so festive! Completely unlike her so I tried to be patient with her A.D.D. multi-tasking!

Mrs. Kristi Burns at Waldron Street Market

Kates and Co.

My "retail alma mater", Ginger's

The next day, I ate lunch with the bride-to-be and Kayla, a friend and Marley's bridesmaid at Cafe Mike's (yes again). We then loaded the cars and headed to Memphis for a night filled with fun, laughter, dancing, and many many pictures. The group dressed in Christmas get-up...with the bridesmaids wearing red with white and cheetah santa hats and marley in white with a red veil I fixed up for her! It was huge and hilarious! The night was great!! This morning, we all made it up by 9 for the Continental Breakfast at the Hampton and headed home so everyone could go their separate ways once again. The room was SO nice and Marley's parents splurged for that which was so nice! The weekend was fun and relaxing but sad to head back to Starkville for FINALS and PROJECTS. It will all be over soon...and I'm told I will want it back?! I guess you old folks do usually know what you're talking about, but I just can't see it right now. I'm so ready for that last project on Dec. 3!
Here is a quick recap of the bachelorette party!

Marley and her two sisters and maids of honor (best dancers around)

Did I mention she could dance?!

One of the items on her checklist was to kiss a bald man's head! haha

The whole crew! So fun!

Hard Rock Cafe! Our Bachelorette tradition

Her claim to fame

For some reason they trusted us to touch all this expensive equipment!

The Whitaker sisters (Also known to us as the Kardashians)


Megan said...

Looks like fun! Did you buy anything for me? :)