Kristin and Lee

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Beginnings...

Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, I have taken a pretty long break from blogging! I told my sister it was because I was too busy living life to write about it, but if we're being honest (and I am), there hasn't been much to say that isn't already on my big sister's well-established blog. You can always follow the Smith clan on in case you aren't familiar. This blog is to keep you updated on Lee and I in particular, but will undoubtedly have much mention of our family since that is a huge part of our lives.

Let's see, where should I begin filling you in on the past year and a half of our lives since the wedding? Well, we moved to Jackson, MS where I worked for BancorpSouth as a teller and gained great working experience, learned how to handle multiple types of personalities with a smile, and worked with some of the most fun people ever! Lee had decided he would like to try dental school although his major was in Construction Management, and started working at UMC in research for a year while taking an online course to help with the DAT. After a little over a year, Lee's ambitions and desires for his future career changed, and while I was enjoying the people I worked for, banking wasn't where my skills were either. We decided there was nothing keeping us 4 hours away from our family since our plans didn't revolve around a school, so we moved in, with my parents. This was meant to be VERY temporary..maybe a month max. Let's just say we will be moving out this Friday...and we moved in with the parents at the end of July. It was a definite adjustment for us AND the parents since they had happily settled into their empty nest until we knocked on their door! We've actually had a lot of fun living here...never a dull moment as always. We've gotten a lot of free meals "just because", watched a lot of football, gotten free room and board (except for my services as the event chef of the household), and laughed A LOT. Lee went to work for Tull Brothers to do what he does best and become a project manager, and I began marketing for Melaleuca, an international wellness company. House hunting began and we found exactly what we were looking for! There have been a few setbacks due to changing regulations but everything is being worked out and we will be in our new home by Friday.
Maybe that is why I felt the need to blog again...I finally feel like we are almost back to a normal routine with our own space, which makes me so excited and anxious. Or maybe I decided to blog simply because I've been feeling a responsibility lately to take a stand for things Lee and I know to be right and true. This blog would definitely give us our own space to always speak truth and encouragement. Either way, we are officially back and with the upcoming move, holidays, and hopefully a neice or nephew in the near future, there will be plenty to blog about and plenty to keep you on your toes or bent over with laughter! We probably won't check in too much until after the move, but feel free to tune in just to listen to the Christmas music since the TV and radio haven't geared up for the holidays yet!