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Monday, November 14, 2011

Day One of Move-in Week

Well, I told you that Lee and I would finally move in our new home this Friday!? Today was the day we would get our keys so we could paint, clean, plan, and patch some holes. The key was a bit late getting to us so Lee was actually able to go with me to the house after, am I glad?! Obviously, I am ignorant when it comes to details and how long they can take...because we spent the entire night taping walls (actually Lee did because "I never learned how to color inside the lines" as he stated), unscrewing and bagging up outlet covers, filling in holes left from the prior tenants' momentos, taking out the trash including some last minute things they weren't able to get out of the house in time (yes, we made sure they didn't want the items first), and cleaning...Well, some of you have no idea how huge that is for me! Most of you DO, however, know about my allergies and how much a part of our lives that is (not by choice). It usually keeps me from having to dust or clean with all those chemicals... Melaleuca products took care of the chemical part which I know Lee is very thankful for, but there is really no cure for dust flying up in your face and making you sneeze uncontrollably. Needless to say, I was dreading the process a bit. Just when I was beginning to work on the third bathroom, Daddy came by to bring some supplies (between trips to the hospital, a visit, and seeing a family who lost a precious member tonight). He laughed at my anxiety over the whole process and as he was shutting the door, he mumbled in his very special way something about hiring someone to clean...."Do what?!" I asked and he stopped and restated that if I could call someone to deep clean the house, he would like to hire them for us...Is this man for real?! I can tell you he is, and he is TAKEN as Megan and I will proudly tell you, especially in situations like this one where he knows just what to do to take that extra stress off of you. Dustin experiences this sense of pride in his Daddy when he takes Brodie (my 4-legged nephew) to the vet I'm sure. Well, I can tell you that I just about sat indian style in the floor and cried when he told me "Yes, I'm sure." You see, I believe this may have been the first toilet I had ever deep cleaned....our first 2 moves were made easier by both moms pitching in on those tasks. If and when you move, remember this when you plan your budget...I think I can confidently say it will be worth it!

So, after finishing the preparations for painting, Lee and I treated ourselves to Mi Toro. I told Lee we owed it to ourselves as a reward for our work, getting into the house, and just because we will be "living off of juju beans" for a while after the move. Now, he is snoozing and I'm writing down my thoughts for you. Tomorrow, I will be getting up with him and we will both go off to work; he will go to Tull Brothers and I will paint (for the first time alone I might add). The plan is for me to finish the master bedroom (which was painted burgundy and I will be attempting to paint khaki ), and maybe even finish painting one of the smaller bedrooms white (over lime green). I think I'm up for the challenge though! Lee will come straight over from work to tape the remaining two rooms to be painted and patch the rest of the holes in other rooms and touch up the existing paint. The cleaning crew should be coming Wednesday while I finish painting the last two rooms and MAYBE we will be ready to move some essentials Thursday so that the only thing left will be for the guys to bring over the THREE storage units of furniture and decor (stay tuned because some will be for sale when we finally get to it). I can't forget to mention that ALL of my fall and winter clothes and shoes have been in the VERY back of these storage units since July. So, if you have seen me around town in my Nike shorts, t-shirts, and not judge...there is a reason! This fashionista has been strugglin'. So excited to have our own place to live and my own clothes to wear.

I guess that is all for tonight, and hopefully there won't be too much excitement tomorrow. If there is, I'll let ya know ;) Maybe I will even get a few pictures of the madness to share...that would definitely make my sister proud.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


Megan said...

Yes, pictures are important! And, Smith women don't deep clean toilets. You should know that by now. Why even attempt?! Mama made Russ do ours before our home study visit. Ha!