Kristin and Lee

Sunday, June 8, 2008

SURPRISE!'s official. Lee and I are bloggers now, after much persuasion on the part of my dear sister and future mother-in-law! As many already know (you gotta love Corinth) Lee popped the question night before last after an INTERESTING walk on the beach. I have never claimed to be much of a successful romantic, but that night knocked the word out of my vocabulary! Lee had tried, unsuccessfully, all week long to get me alone. On a Smith family vacation, that is pretty much unfathomable! Wednesday night, he packed the ring in his pocket for our journey to the Back Porch to eat. Well, needless to say, that didn't exactly work out. Megan and I decided it should be the three of us instead. Silent about the issue, Lee went on until Friday. Friday night, our last night in PCB, Lee and I decided to go to Margaritaville for supper. For some reason, he seemed adomant that we have alone time so I left Megan at home pouting. When we got there, it was a two hour thanks! So...we had PIZZA. Well, the cousins then decided to go to Tootsie's lounge which I could not miss, so Lee was extremely quiet and saying he would really love to just go for a walk on the beach alone. Around 10, I finally gave in and we headed to the beach. Well, the walk was as could be expected - I was stumbling over the sand in my flip flops (didn't want to step on crabs, you see), slinging sand onto my legs (causing an allergic reaction of course), and switching my gigantor of a purse from shoulder to shoulder. About 10 minutes into the walk, i asked for some kind of marker as to how far I was expected to walk in these conditions. Lee then mumbled something about me 'catching him' and my heart pretty much dropped past my stomach and straight onto the beach! I started saying a lot about him freaking me out and telling him "NO, NO!! we need a redo!" and he drops to one knee! I swear I left him down there without an answer for a good 5 minutes as I asked question after question about my dad's opinion on the issue while saying "Of course I'm going to marry you, but....". I finally gained my composure and said yes of course, and let the poor boy get off his knee. I repeatedly let him know this is what he's in for for the rest of his life and asked if he was sure he still wanted me! The rest is history and the family was SHOCKED to say the least. Dustin just stated that he was sweating and asked if we were serious while Megan instinctively reached for her camera (or as Lee calls it, her second phone) and got most of the night documented. Only my dad and Mr. Fred knew it was anywhere close to time and they were VERY sneaky. Lee and his dad even entered and exited the jewelry store through the back alley entrance! I think the whole town of Corinth knew before I lifted a finger to text Emily, the only person I could even think to text through the excitement (after families). She won't even see the ring or me until JULY by the way! Not one of my friends has seen it in person might I add with a tear. So it's off to the store for me - I must buy every wedding planner, bridal magazine, and etiquette book I can get my hands on! So...there's the main points of the "story" and, as Lee so sweetly told me, "It's O.K., Kristin, I wouldn't want it any other way. If it was romantic, it wouldn't be us!" I think he was TRYING to make me feel better....


Natalie said...

I'm so excited for you two and LOVE the ring! Lee--you did a great job! Update us on the plans soon, the date, location, everything...I can't wait to hear! So happy for you!

Natalie Levanway