Kristin and Lee

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, since the engagement, everything has been pretty crazy and I have to admit that I've disappeared into "lee and kristin world" but I feel like it's time to give a little update. I'm actually in Destin with Lee, Mrs. Rhonda, and Sissy (Lee's aunt) staying at the Mediterranea (GREAT place!). We actually ran into Courtney Ann and Evan here today at the beach. We have been relaxing and having fun....and EATING. We have eaten Buster's, Pompano Joe's, Guglielmo's, and Louisiana Lagniappe and it is only Tuesday!! We have decided to wake up early in the morning though, because- go figure- as soon as we get out to the beach each afternoon, the big clouds roll in. Think I might have brought the "Coon Cloud" with me?!...Thanks, Mom. Despite the thunder and lightning, the trip has already been so enjoyable (even though Lee and Mrs. Rhonda beat us at cards...)! There was one downfall to the trip though. We did have to miss Father's Day. That's right, Megan and I were both absent. Neither of us can stand missing ANYTHING much less that special day. Lee decided to pretend Saturday was Father's Day for Mr. Fred, and I left Daddy's Father's Day happy at home to open Sunday. Thank goodness Dustin picked up Megan's slack and took pictures to send of Daddy wearing and using everything he received this year! Well, that's why I'm a little behind in posting details of our life together - we're busy enjoying it this week!! Tomorrow we plan to buy Fool's Gold and use a couple of Megan's recipes! I'm so excited...two of my favorite things: food and movies.


Russ and Megan said...

Sounds like fun!! The only thing you're missing - me - your third wheel! It sounds like you miss me too, seeing as how you mentioned my name quite a bit!! I'll just sit here in my Jxn home and CLEAN more. I'm sure that's just as much fun as the BEACH. Ha!! Have fun, and I'll see ya'll Tuesday!

P.S. - post some pics from the beach

Dennis Smith said...

Hurry home. You'll need to rest up before leaving again for Florida on Monday. Your life must really be exhausting! Let's see...that will be three trips to Florida within a month. What a life! See you Saturday. Love ya'.