Kristin and Lee

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I know, I's taken me a while to get this thing updated! You must understand it cost $10 a day to use the internet at Disney, therefore I opted not to do so. And, unlike my wonderful big sister, I rested after the journey home before returning to the blog! I think it goes without saying that the trip was FANTASTIC! Of course, it was Lee's first time to go to Disney World, so half of the fun was watching him. I must say I rode more roller coasters than I had planned, thanks to him. His favorite character is Goofy, so we pretty much searched for him constantly seeing how many outfits we could get pictures of him in! We watched 5 parades while in Disney and who can even say how many shows!? Each one was different and the details were amazing! We also watched 3 firework shows, and let's just say, the annual 4th of July fireworks were put to shame a little. We ate at the best restaurants, ranging from a 5o's diner with living room decor to Cinderella's castle as "royal guests"! Here's some pictures to give a little insight into our trip. No doubt Daddy will come out with a DVD pretty soon!


Russ and Megan said...

Better late than never!! I want to get a cd of all your pictures before I leave town. :) Thanks!